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Cabinda Centro is located onshore portion of the Lower Congo Basin adjacent to the prolific offshore Block 0 in the west and in the south by the Cabinda South Block, both in the province of Cabinda. The first explorations in this block occurred in the late 1950s. The operator was CABGOC and this time the block is unattended.
The main objects of extraction on the block were pre-salt sequence, namely the reservoirs of Lucula and Vovo Barremian and Chela formations, as well as the fractured basement (Maiombe) a special case, and the Albian post-salt intervals. The hydrocarbon in these structures are entrapped in structural traps, stratigraphic and combined sealed regionally by training Loeme (Salt). The oil in the Albian sediments may have migrated from the source rocks of the pre-salt via salt windows in areas where the thickness of it is very low or nonexistent.cabinda_centro_Modelo Regional_Bacia_Terrestre_Congo.png
The data on the block include 2D seismic, magnetometry and gravimetry and pits data. It was purchased a total of 238 km of 2D seismic in 1971. The existing seismic and highlights the major geological markers and some of perforated structures and still others to be drilled.
Were drilled a total of 35 wells, from which 10 are stratigraphic, 23 of exploration and 2 of development. During the exploration phase resources have been discovered estimated at 250 MMBO and oil quality varies from 22 to 34 API. All wells were drilled by CABGOC from 1958 to 1969.
The well drilling in the Block were based on the gravity data, so the application of new technologies and acquisition of new seismic data thicken the mesh or redirecting in areas without coverage, will be the big input for identifying new prospects.
The existing 2D seismic on Block was purchased after all wells being drilled in order to better evaluate the potential for hydrocarbons in the drilled geological structures.
The integration and interpretation of previous data to be acquired undoubtedly will show an increase in the Cabinda Central Block resources.


Total Area: 1,426 km2

Oil Potential: 250 MMBO

Oil Gravity: 26-33o API

Last Operator: CabGOC

Drilled Wells: 33

Available 2D Seismic: 238 km

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