Data Packages


Acquisition of technical data
As the sole oil concessionary for Angola, Group Sonangol holds the archive of relevant data - graphs, maps, charts and logs - for E&P activities in Angola. Being one of its responsibilities preserve and keep within the industry's standards all these E&P elements.

Sonangol also is responsible for the management, marketing and licensing of exploration and production (E&P) data in order to celebrate research and production contracts for new oil concessions

For more information and/or data acquisition please contact GAD, the cabinet that will provide data (seismic and drilling) of high technical content on sedimentary basins and exploration wells. Interested companies will be allowed to inspect and purchase data through a simplified and effective process.

If you wish to know more about oil concessions and laws related to it, please consult the page with information for bidders.

Taxonomy and available data


To find out who to contact regarding seismic data for each data package, please read this document  ( 110 KB).

In order to purchase a printed map or consult maps and charts please use the contact information provided below.​​​​

For data acquisition please contact:

Gabinete de Gestão e Arquivo de Dados
Rua Rainha Ginga, No 29-31
Edifício Sonangol
Caixa Postal 1316
Luanda, República de Angola

Telefone: +244 226 642214/5
Fax: +244 226 643025