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KON 05 Map ​



Total area: 1,024.00 km2 


Existing wells: 22 poços


Existing 2D seimic: 908.77 km


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(98 KB)   Block summary


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For data acquisition please contact:

Gabinete de Gestão e Arquivo de Dados
Rua Rainha Ginga, No 29-31
Edifício Sonangol
Caixa Postal 1316
Luanda, República de Angola

Telephone: +244 226 642214/5
Fax: +244 226 643025

Block KON5 is located on Kwanza Basin's Onshore, it is bordered on the North by Block KON2, on the South by Block KON8, at East Block KON6 and on the West by Block KON4 of Kwanza Basin's Onshofre.

The total area of the block is approximatel 1,024.00 Km2.

The potential of this block is recognized in several leads, prospects, and a total of approximately 472 MMBO resources.