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Ilustração sobre a bacia do Kwanza.What is the Kwanza basin?

It is an onshore sedimentary area of 25,000 sq. Km surrounding the mouth of the Kwanza river that is adequate for oil exploration.

Although drilling in Kwanza basin started in the beginning of the 20th century, it is the period of 1952-1974 that marks the peak of oil exploration in this region. During this time, discoveries of 12 oil fields and of 1 gas field were made. The oil fields account for 400 MMSTBO (million stock tank barrels of oil) of which 82 MMSTBO were already produced.

Over the last 20 years no active exploration has been pursued in the onshore area but there is still the potential for new discoveries in this proven oil producing region.

Technical Data
Sonangol has prepared a package of selected data to provide oil companies with the relevant information for preliminary assessment of this region's potential.

Kwanza's basin technical data ( 117 MB) is availabe in PDF format. If necessary please <_install Acrobat Reader. ​

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