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Lower Congo's basin illustration.What is the Lower Congo's basin?

The Lower Congo Basin is situated on the west coast of Africa, bordered to the north by Gabon and to the South by the Kwanza Basin. The stratigraphy of the Lower Congo Tectonic evolution is controlled by two main factors:

  • the biggest loss of grounding occurs during the Rift phase
  • the Tectonics of salt is due to mobilization of salt in Appian

A significant marine transgression during the Appian age was marked by evaporite deposition.

The terrestrial zone of the Lower Congo Basin has a sediment area of approximately 7,000 Km². And 300 square kilometers of that area are currently under oil exploration and production activities. The remainder is open to future exploration and production activities.

E&P activities on the terrestrial zone of the Lower Congo's Basin began during the 2nd decade of the twentieth century. However, 1967 through 1992 is considered to be the phase of active exploration and development. During this period 13 oil fields and 1 gas field were discovered. From those findings it was estimated to have oil reserves of about 830 MMSTBO and a potential for oil production above 30,000 BOPD.

Technical Data
Sonangol has prepared a package of selected data to provide oil companies with the relevant information for preliminary assessment of this region's potential.

Lower Congo's basin technical data ( 393 MB) is availabe in PDF format. If necessary please <_install Acrobat Reader. ​


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