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Mapa do bloco 05. 

Block 5 is located north of the Kwanza's basin and 95% of its area is less than 200 meters deep.

E&P activity in this Block started in the 1960s, but so far no commercial discoveries were made. Overall this Block has 12 drilled wells - seven of those are dry wells and the remaining five despite yielding good oil samples were considered non commercial discoveries.

Risk factors to consider for this Block:

  • Immatureness or lack of a source rock
  • Uncertainty over the quality of reservoir
  • Inefficiency of the seal in some prospect areas (sometimes with a decrease in thickness)
  • Lack of structure seal
  • Migration

Total Area: 4,030 km2

Oil Potential: 50 BBO2

Oil Gravity: 29-33° API

Operador: Sonangol P&P

Commercial Wells: none

Available 2D Seismic: 8,221 km

Sísmica 3D disponível: 2,204 km2

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