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Mapa do bloco 09. 

Block 09 is lcoated in shallow waters, offshore Benguela Basin and in water depths that range between 50 to 1,000 meters. This block's area size is 4000 sq. km. The previous exploration efforts are in less than 200 meters WD.

The block has potential plays in Albian to late Aptian shelf-edge carbonates, Tertiary channel/lobe sands and Presalt lacustrine carbonates & sands. A potential for the renewed exploration exists for the block that has the added advantage to focus on Benguela basin exploration.


Total Area: 4,001 km2

Oil Potential: 400 MMBO

Oil Gravity: 25-28o API

Last Operator: TEXACO

Drilled Wells: 7

Available 2D Seismic: 1,249 km

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