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Block 20 is located in the deep-water offshore Kwanza Basin, some 125 km West of Luanda. The water depth in the block varies from 300 to 1,500 meters.

The block is structurally located over a rifted basement high trend in the central part of the basin. A north-south trending central basement ridge controlled the development of the Albian carbonate platform and occurrence of Lower Albian age reservoirs in high energy carbonate shoals. Reservoirs are also recognized in Miocene channels occurring in local salt mini-basins and in the Presalt Cuvo subcrop.

The principal targets in the block are Albian carbonate shoal reservoirs in intra-salt positions where turtle-back and faulted structures are common. Additional prospectivity is recognized in Miocene channels to the west of central ridge in the sal thrust domain. In summary, the block has potential for reservoir targets in Albian carbonate shoals, Miocene channels and Presalt Cuvo sands, similar to plays in the adjacent blocks.


Explored Area: 4,899 km2

Oil Potential: 700 BBO

Oil Gravity: 25-34° API

Last Operator: MOBIL

Drilled Wells: 2

Available 2D Seismic: 4,600 km

Available 3D Seismic: 807.74 km2

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