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Bloco 46: mapa de posição. 

Block 46 is located in the ultra-deepwater offshore Lower Congo Basin, South of Congo River, some 500 km northwest of Luanda and 200 km west of Soyo onshore facilities. The water depth in the block is around 2,500 meters. The block is positioned on the outer slope of the basin proximal to the boundary of continental and oceanic crust.

The block predominantly encompasses a Tertiary basin. Salt diapirism with mini-basins and presence of meandering channels and lobes in the Miocene dominate the block.The block has potential in the prolific Tertiary channel/lobe play system in the Miocene and possibly in the Oligocene that have similarities to successful plays in the ajacent blocks (47 and 48).


Developed Area: 7.776,54 km2

Oil Potential: 6.309 MMBO

Available 2D Seismic: 3.172,64 km

Available 3D Seismic: 6.767,94 km2

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