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Blocks 35-40 map. 


Blocks 35-40 Total area: 36,791.24 km2

Existing 2D seismic: 11,210.39 km

Existing 3D seismic: 27,302.75 km2

Existing wells: 17 wells

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For data acquisition please contact:

Gabinete de Gestão e Arquivo de Dados
Rua Rainha Ginga, No 29-31
Edifício Sonangol
Caixa Postal 1316
Luanda, República de Angola

Telefone: +244 226 642214/5
Fax: +244 226 643025

Blocks 35 to 38 are located in the Kwanza's Basin and Blocks 39 and 40 are in the Benguela Basin. And in both basins the blocks are located between the Cretaceous and the prolific Tertiary reservoirs. The northern frontier of both basins is the lower Congo Basin and on the southern border is the Namibe Basin. None of the blocks has drilled wells however, these blocks are located to other blocks with viable wells.

Blocks 35 through 40 are located in the North-South strip parallel to Angola's coastline in West Africa's Coast, and are situated in ultra deep waters with an average depth of about 2,000 meters. The total area occupied by all 6 blocks is 36,791 km² while each block's area varies between 4,900 km² and 7,550 km².