The goal of Sonangol Ltd

is to serve its parent company and other associated group companies through maintaining a constant presence in the international oil market with the remit of ensuring that the best possible prices are obtained for the available petroleum. The petroleum currently available comprises crude oil, which forms the bulk of the volume, NGLs, LNG, LPG and Fuel Oil.

Sonangol Ltd will do this by providing its clients with superior and quality services that meet the highest standards of performance to satisfy client requirements and deliver exceptional value. This will be achieved through teamwork and by striving for continual improvement.

Our approach is not only to comply with all legislation relevant to our activities, but to integrate health and safety management into our business activities to become a more efficient organisation.

Sonangol Ltd recognises that its people are its most valuable asset. We will recruit, develop and retain highly qualified and motivated staff and are committed to ensure they can perform their work in a healthy and safe environment.

To this end we have evaluated the Health and Safety hazards and risks to our personnel and implemented adequate controls to ensure those risks are minimised to be as low as reasonably practical with the aim of nil reportable incidents.

Every staff member is personally responsible for ensuring that his or her work is of the highest standard and endorses this Health, Safety and Quality Policy. Management will ensure that all staff receive the full support, resources and the necessary training in order to achieve this goal.

We will endeavour to continually improve the performance of all aspects of our business. Annual Health, Safety and Quality objectives and key performance indicators are set, measured, monitored and reviewed.

Sonangol Ltd management recognises that delivery of products and services to the standards outlined and achieving client satisfaction can only be realised through the use of an effective management system.

To this end, Sonangol Ltd is committed to implement and maintain a management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 as a minimum. 

Sonangol Ltd is fully supportive of and underpins the corporate goals and objectives set by Sonangol EP. Sonangol Ltd will use this management system to strive for continuous improvement for the benefit of the business.



The Quality, Health and Safety Objectives



Client Satisfaction
  • Sonangol will not score less than Good on client questionnaires.
  • Sonangol Ltd set a rating of 85% of respondents to score us Good or above in meeting expectations.
  • Response time to Claims – Initial response to a Claim is to be sent by close of business on the next working day (Outlook Report every quarter).


  • Sell every cargo within the trading window.
  • Pricing is always to be within the boundaries set by Sonangol E.P.


  • All appraisals are to be completed on time annually, by the end of March each year.


Business Continuity
  • Sonangol Ltd is committed to having a business continuity system in place to ensure continuation of business activities with the minimum of interruption.
  • Initial response from 3rd party suppliers to be within 4 hours of notification of DR issues.
Travel Risk Assessments
  • Travel Risk Assessment forms will be recorded and approved by line managers prior to any overseas travel or journey.


H&S Inspections
  • All inspections and tours will be carried out in accordance with the agreed schedule, at least 4 times per year.
  • Resultant corrective actions will be carried out within the agreed timeframe.
  • Ensure a nil event approach is taken in relation to reportable accidents or incidents.


Health & Safety Meetings
  • Health & Safety will be an agenda item at all Management Systems Review Meetings, held at least once a year.


DSE Assessments
  • Sonangol will not score less than Good on client questionnaires.
  • DSE assessments will be completed annually in March for all work stations in Sonangol Ltd and any issues raised to be resolved within an agreed time frame.
  • Response time to Claims – Initial response to a Claim is to be sent by close of business on the next working day (Outlook Report every quarter).


HSQ objectives will be reviewed at least annually as part of the overall Management Review. Additionally however HSQ objectives, relevant to the activity being audited, will be verified during internal audits.