Sonangol Ltd was formally created on 1 February 1983 as a private (limited liability) company governed under English law, with the head office in London, England. Sonangol Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Angolan National oil company, Sonangol E.P.





Until 1997 Sonangol Ltd

 was responsible for the entire marketing of all Sonangol´s crude oil and refined products on the international market.


After 1997 this activity was shared with new trading offices in U.S.(Sonangol U.S.A. Company) and Singapore (Sonangol Asia).

Throughout its existence Sonangol Ltd has diversified its business interests and also provided significant support to obtaining finance for Sonangol and the Angolan Government from international financial institutions. Sonangol Ltd has also helped train angolans involved in marketing activities, as well as supervising scholarship students from the Sonangol Group undergoing training in the United Kingdom.


Twenty two years after our foundation we can confirm that Sonangol Ltd has achieved the objective for which it was created, i.e. to market crude oil and refined products, on behalf of Sonangol E.P., under the best possible terms, whilst maximising the income for Angola.

Sonangol Ltd´s presence in London has enabled the national oil company to attain a level of prestige in the international oil Market which it did not previously possess and has contributed significantly to the political, economic and social life of the Angolan nation.

Company Profile

The main reason for the creation of Sonangol Ltd was to provide a physical presence in the international oil market to sell the crude oil production owned by the Angolan Government.

In order to ensure that the best possible price would be achieved at all times, Sonangol Ltd Sonangol group defined the sale of its crude oil to end users as the priority of its marketing policy, thereby eliminating possible agents and intermediaries in the sales process.

Sonangol worldwide

We have offices in London, Houston, Singapore,​ Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Havana and Beijing.


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