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In 1976, Sonangol was created as the state-owned company dedicated to managing the exploration of hydrocarbon resources in Angola.

In 2019, following the Angolan Government’s program to reorganise the oil sector, ANPG was created to handle the responsibilities of Concessionaire.

Since then, IRDP has been the regulatory body for oil products.

Sonangol is dedicated to the exploration of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons in the subsoil and on the continental shelf of Angola and is responsible for the exploration, production, manufacture, transport and marketing of hydrocarbons in Angola.

With the Angolan State as the only shareholder, Sonangol has always been managed under strict performance standards in order to ensure total efficiency and productivity.

With the aim of making it more agile and adapted to the new context and challenges of the oil industry, Sonangol in 2018 began the implementation of its regeneration plan, which consists of reorganising the company by business units.

UNTS (Trading and Shipping Business Unit) encompasses Sonangol’s international shipping and marketing activities. In order to ensure greater proximity to the international market and to better serve our customers, UNTS has offices in Luanda, London (Sonangol Limited), Houston (Sonangol USA) and Singapore (Sonangol Asia).

The geographic location of our offices allows us to create conditions for a 24-hour uninterrupted operation, thus guaranteeing the scope of the global market and a better understanding of the dynamics of supply and demand.


Based in London, Sonangol Limited was created on the 1st of February 1983 and this year we are also celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Essentially, it deals with the marketing of crude oil, gas and products, as well as the necessary corporate support activities from London.

The organisation structure of Sonangol Limited is comprised of Trading, Operations, Finance, Information Technology and Admin&HR Departments.



Dalia was the grade with the highest contribution to the volumes sold by Sonangol in 2022, followed by Mostarda, Girassol, Nemba and Cabinda.



As leading supplier of crude oil, LPG, fuel oil and condensates in the international market, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide high quality products to our customers, and we are dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships with all of our clients. We have a broad range of clients, including all major oil companies, and we have built our reputation on delivering consistent quality and reliability.

Our partnerships with major oil companies are a key part of our business. We also work closely with international banks to finance our projects. By working in partnership with these entities, we are able to leverage their expertise and knowledge to improve our own processes and ensure that we are delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers.